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Zhang, J., Chi, M., Qian, B. & Qiu, Z. (2020). Periodic lattice porous structure produced by selective laser melting: Process, experiment and numerical simulation analysis. CMES - Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences, 125 (1), 77-94.


© 2020 Tech Science Press. All rights reserved. To accurately perform the coupled simulation of temperature field and stress field of complex parts and porous structures under the optimal manufacturing process parameters, three kinds of porous structures with different complexity were designed in this paper. Firstly, ANSYS additive software was used to conduct the stress/deformation simulation of the whole structure under different scanning strategies. Secondly, the optimal scanning strategy for different porous structures was determined, then the experimental preparation was performed, and mechanical properties of compression were tested and studied. The results show that the elastic modulus and yield strength increase with the increase of pole diameter/wall thickness. In addition, the quasi-static compression simulation of different structures was performed, and the compression performance was analyzed based on the experimental data. Finally, the stress concentration region of different structures was obtained.



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