A Blockchain-based Traceable Self-tallying E-voting Protocol in AI Era



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Li, H., Li, Y., Yu, Y., Wang, B. & Chen, K. (2020). A Blockchain-based Traceable Self-tallying E-voting Protocol in AI Era. IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, Online First


IEEE Artificial intelligence (AI) has demonstrated huge potential in a variety of real-world applications. However, some significant considerations like fairness, transparency and trustworthiness are still challenging when applying AI to trust-oriented applications such as E-voting. E-voting plays a significant role in democratic societies, which requires voters and initiators have strong mutual trust. In this paper, we aim to facilitate the consolidation of AI ecosystems by developing a blockchain-based traceable self-tallying e-voting system. We take advantage of an event-oriented linkable group signature and a homomorphic time-lock puzzle to balance the anonymity and accountability, and the voting scale and efficiency of an e-voting system. The proposed e-voting protocol supports additional functions like multi-choice and self-tallying. We prove that the proposed protocol satisfies anonymity, time-bounded privacy, linkability and full-traceability. We also evaluate the time cost of off-chain operations and the gas cost of on-chain operations, which show the proposed e-voting protocol is practical and can be adopted in real-world applications.

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