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Zhang, J., Su, L. & Wang, Z. (2020). Concurrent multiscale simulations of rough lubricated contact of aluminum single crystal. Metals, 10 (7), 1-14.


© 2020 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. In this paper, a concurrent multiscale simulation strategy coupling atomistic and continuum models was proposed to investigate the three-dimensional contact responses of aluminum single crystal under both dry and lubricated conditions. The Hertz contact is performed by using both the multiscale and full molecular dynamics (MD) simulations for validation. From the contact area, kinetic energy and stress continuity aspects, the multiscale model shows good accuracy. It can also save at least five times the computational time compared with the full MD simulations for the same domain size. Furthermore, the results of lubricated contact show that the lubricant molecules could effectively cover the contact surfaces; thereby separating the aluminum surfaces and bearing the support loads. Moreover, the surface topography could be protected by the thin film formed by the lubricant molecules. It has been found that the contact area decreases obviously with increasing the magnitude of load under both dry and lubricated contacts. Besides, a decrease in contact area is also seen when the number of lubricant molecules increases. The present study has confirmed that the dimension of lubricated contacts could be greatly expanded during the simulation using the proposed multiscale method without sacrificing too much computational time and accuracy.



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