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A. Rahman, O. Farrok, M. Islam & W. Xu, "Recent Progress in Electrical Generators for Oceanic Wave Energy Conversion," IEEE Access, vol. Online First, p. 1, 2020.


Oceanic wave energy extraction through electrical generator is one of the most interesting topics in the field of power engineering. Almost all the existing relevant review paper focus on electrical generator with the working principle of electromagnetic induction or piezoelectric or triboelectric effect. In this paper, all the existing types (based on principle of operation) of electrical generator used for wave power harvesting are discussed. This paper not only covers recent progress in electrical power generation by electro-magnetic induction, piezoelectric generator, and electrostatic induction, but also presents critical comparative review as well where suitable use and weakness of each type of generators are discussed. Moreover, the application of advanced magnetic core, winding, and permanent magnets are discussed with extensive explanation which are not focused in the existing reviews. Various new constructional features of the electrical generators such as split translator flux switching, two-point absorber, triangular coil, dual port linear generator, piezoelectric, triboelectric nanogenerator, etc. are highlighted with principles of operation. It also includes emerging human intervened optimization method for determining optimum shape of generator and cooling system which is necessary to prevent demagnetization of the permanent magnet. Finally, the way of supply the generated electrical power form the generator to load/grid is thoroughly described in a separate section that would be obvious for successful operation. The comparison among all types of generators in terms of output voltage, current, scale of power production, power-frequency characteristics, power density, cascading, and approaches are tabulated in this paper.



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