Applications of geothermal organic Rankine Cycle for electricity production



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Ahmadi, A., El Haj Assad, M., Jamali, D., Kumar, R., Li, Z., Salameh, T., Al-Shabi, M. & Ehyaei, M. (2020). Applications of geothermal organic Rankine Cycle for electricity production. Journal of Cleaner Production, 274


© 2020 Elsevier Ltd This review deals with organic Rankine cycle powered by geothermal resource which is one favorable substitute for conventional fossil energy. Organic Rankine cycle power plants are suitable for utilization of low-temperature energy sources (low grade energy) such as geothermal resource having low temperature (below 150 ᵒC). The applications of organic Rankine cycle for electricity production from geothermal energy resource was reviewed first, where the choice of geothermal energy resources and organic fluids was discussed for different ORC configurations and operating conditions. Hybrid optimization approaches for the purpose of maintaining long term performance of enhanced geothermal system reservoirs were also summarized. Furthermore, an in-depth review of energy and exergy efficiencies of ORCs was conducted. Key factors that influence the energy and energy efficiencies of organic Rankine cycle were discussed in detail. Then, the economic indexes such as electricity production cost and levelized cost of electricity for different organic Rankine cycle configurations were compared with other conventional power generation systems to examine the commercialization of the Organic Rankine cycle. Finally, life cycle assessment that evaluates the whole life performance of geothermal organic Rankine cycle energy systems was reviewed. The Environmental impacts of geothermal ORC were also considered. Compared with other review papers on geothermal organic Rankine cycle s, the present review provides the latest materials for more systematically surveying the geothermal organic Rankine cycle, which will be a valuable source of guidance and directions for engineers and researchers in this field.

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