Finned unit solidification with use of nanoparticles improved PCM



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Li, F., Muhammad, N., Abohamzeh, E., Hakeem, A., Hajizadeh, M., Li, Z. & Bach, Q. (2020). Finned unit solidification with use of nanoparticles improved PCM. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 314


© 2020 Elsevier B.V. Dispersing nano powders as well as insert of fins have been considered in current modeling to expedite the solidification. Among various shapes of nanoparticle, four types have been selected in this simulation and its effect was involved in calculating thermal conductivity. For this purpose, homogeneous model has been chosen in nanofluid modeling. To obtain the lowest time of solidification, longest fins should be selected with impose of platelet shape nanomaterial. Maximum influence of L occurs when sphere nano powder exists and 27.37% reduction in needed time can be obtained. At m = 5.7, augmenting L causes the time declines about 26.88%. Pure water with L = 27 mm takes 1.12 time longer than φ = 0.04 to achieve full solidification.

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