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Xu, S., Yang, G., Mu, Y. & Susilo, W. (2017). Mergeable and revocable identity-based encryption. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 10342 147-167.


Identity-based encryption (IBE) has been extensively studied and widely used in various applications since Boneh and Franklin proposed the first practical scheme based on pairing. In that seminal work, it has also been pointed out that providing an efficient revocation mechanism for IBE is essential. Hence, revocable identity-based encryption (RIBE) has been proposed in the literature to offer an efficient revocation mechanism. In contrast to revocation, another issue that will also occur in practice is to combine two or multiple IBE systems into one system, e.g., due to the merge of the departments or companies. However, this issue has not been formally studied in the literature and the naive solution of creating a completely new system is inefficient. In order to efficiently address this problem, in this paper we propose the notion of mergeable and revocable identity-based encryption (MRIBE). Our scheme provides the first solution to efficiently revoke users and merge multiple IBE systems into a single system. The proposed scheme also has several nice features: when two systems are merged, there is no secure channel needed for the purpose of updating user private keys; and the size of the user private key remains unchanged when multiple systems are merged. We also propose a new security model for MRIBE, which is an extension of the security model for RIBE, and prove that the proposed scheme is semantically secure without random oracles.



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