Discharging of PCM for ventilation system incorporating nanoparticles



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Hajizadeh, M., Abohamzeh, E., Tiwari, A., Sheremet, M., Li, Z. & Bach, Q. (2020). Discharging of PCM for ventilation system incorporating nanoparticles. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 315


© 2020 Elsevier B.V. To manage the temperature of air flow in absence of sun, storage tank can be utilized in building. In current modeling a duct has been employed with considering PCM in outer layer. Inner zone is passage of cold air and its inlet temperature is lower than 28 °C. To augment thermal behavior, nano powders was added in to RT28 and inclusion of CuO reduces the time about 6.94% when a = 10. At night the cold air of ambient enters the duct and discharging of PCM makes it warmer. The difference of temperature between outlet and inlet air declines as solidification occurs and minimum value occurs at end of process. Utilizing greater “a” provides higher rate of solidification and temperature reduces with augment of this parameter. As amplitude of new configuration of duct augments from 0 to 10, time of solidification shorten about 22.74%. Also, as a alters from 5 to 10, needed time decreases from 2498.4 min to 2170.8 min. Switching from flat style to a = 5 has lower influence than changing from a = 5 to 10. At t = 35 h, augmenting “a” from 0 to 10, makes the temperature of PCM to decline about 0.18%. Rise of time from 5 to 35 h, augment of TPCM about 1.14% when a = 10 mm.

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