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Jiang, Y., Barzegar, M., Sheikholeslami, M., Babazadeh, H., Shafee, A., Moradi, R. & Li, Z. (2020). Influence of upstream strut on hydrogen fuel distribution inside the supersonic combustion chamber. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,


© 2020 Hydrogen Energy Publications LLC The efficient fuel mixing in the combustion tank enhances the overall performance of scramjet. Current attempt examines the existence of the strut on the fuel mixing of the multi hydrogen jets at supersonic flow. The numerical approach was employed to visualize the 3D flow behind the strut with multi fuel-jets. The free-stream Mach is 2.2, and four multi jets released hydrogen inside the combustor with the sonic condition. The impact of jet arrangements and the total pressure ratio on the mixing effect of the strut is fully described. Our results indicate that fuel mixing and penetration improved due to the formation of the large subsonic region behind the strut. According to achieved results, the increasing jet space from 1Dj to 5Dj raises the overall mixing to 15% in our proposed model.

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