Measurement-based Electric Vehicle Load Profile and Its Impact on Power System Operation



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K. Hasan, K. Muttaqi, P. Borboa, J. Scira, Z. Zhang & M. Leishman, "Measurement-based Electric Vehicle Load Profile and Its Impact on Power System Operation," in 2019 9th International Conference on Power and Energy Systems, ICPES 2019, 2019,


© 2019 IEEE. The number of electric vehicles is expected to increase significantly, which will affect the operation of future power systems. This study analyzes electric vehicle (EV) charging station data from residential (domestic) and commercial (public) charging stations throughout the entire annual cycle to extract the daily, weekly and seasonal loading patterns. A clear distinction has been established between the residential vs. commercial and slow vs. fast EV load profiles based on actual measurement data. The EV loading profiles have been overlaid on a distribution network loading profile to demonstrate the impact of widespread EV charging stations on the electricity network. The optimal power flow solution with and without the EV load profile have been presented. This study will present realistic future power system operational scenarios with widespread EV charging stations highlighting their impact on future power system voltage profile.

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