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Taheri, E., Firouzianhaji, A., Mehrabi, P., Hosseini, B. & Samali, B. (2020). Experimental and numerical investigation of a method for strengthening cold-formed steel profiles in bending. Applied Sciences, 10 (11),


© 2020 by the authors. Perforated cold-formed steel (CFS) beams subjected to different bending scenarios should be able to deal with different buckling modes. There is almost no simple way to address this significant concern. This paper investigates the bending capacity and flexural behavior of a noveldesigned system using bolt and nut reinforcing system through both experimental and numerical approaches. For the experiential program, a total of eighteen specimens of three types were manufactured: a non-reinforced section, and two sections reinforced along the upright length at 200 mm and 300 mm pitches. Then, monotonic loading was applied to both the minor and major axes of the specimens. The finite element models were also generated and proved the accuracy of the test results. Using the proposed reinforcing system the flexural capacity of the upright sections was improved around either the major axis or minor axis. The 200 mm reinforcement type provided the best performance of the three types. The proposed reinforcing pattern enhanced flexural behavior and constrained irregular buckling and deformation. Thus, the proposed reinforcements can be a very useful and cost-effective method for strengthening all open CFS sections under flexural loading, considering the trade-off between flexural performance and the cost of using the method.



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