A magnetic linked modular cascaded multilevel converter for medium voltage grid applications



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M. Hasan, S. Islam, A. Abu-Siada & M. Islam, "A magnetic linked modular cascaded multilevel converter for medium voltage grid applications," in 2019 29th Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference, AUPEC 2019, 2019,


© 2019 IEEE. One of the key advantages of cascaded multilevel inverters (CMLI) is their ability to generate medium voltage output by using low voltage rated circuit components. For this reason, CMLI has been given much attention in renewable and industrial applications. However, in spite CMLI advantages, balanced input dc voltage management at the cascaded cells is still considered one of the main drawbacks, which limits its straightforward applications. Moreover, galvanic isolation between the input dc supply and the inverter output voltage is essential for grid-connected application. In such case, a step-up transformer is utilized between the inverter output terminals and the grid. This solution incurs additional cost, increases implementation size, weight and maintenance. In this paper, a CMLI is proposed for medium voltage applications by utilizing high frequency magnetic link to ensure galvanic isolation without the need to a conventional step-up transformer as per the current practice. 3rd harmonic-injected sine pulse width modulation strategy is adopted as a switching controller for the proposed cascaded inverter that is implemented and tested. Experimental results attest the simulation results and confirm the feasibility of the proposed inverter.

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