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Wu, J., Wu, Q., Shen, J. & Cai, C. (2020). Towards Attention based ConvLSTM for Long-Term Travel Time Prediction of Bus Journey. Sensors, 20 3354-1-3354-13.


Travel time prediction is critical for advanced travelerinformation systems (ATISs), which provides valuable information for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the urban transportation systems. However, in the area of bus trips, existing studies have focused on directly using the structured data to predict travel time for a single bus trip. For state‐of‐the‐art public transportation information systems, a bus journey generally has multiple bus trips. Additionally, due to the lack of study on data fusion, it is even inadequate for the development of underlying intelligent transportation systems. In this paper, we propose a novel framework for a hybrid data‐ driven travel time prediction model for bus journeys based on open data. We explore a convolutional long short‐term memory (ConvLSTM) model with a self‐attention mechanism that accurately predicts the running time of each segment of the trips and the waiting time at each station. The model is more robust to capture long‐range dependence in time series data as well.



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