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Li, H., Wang, J., Bai, J., Zhang, S., Zhang, S., Sun, Y., Dou, Q., Ding, M., Wang, Y., Qu, D., Du, J., Tang, C., Li, E. & Prades, J. D. (2020). The structural, electronic, and optical properties of GE/SI quantum wells: Lasing at a wavelength of 1550 NM. Nanomaterials, 10 (5), 1006-1-1006-16.


The realization of a fully integrated group IV electrically driven laser at room temperature is an essential issue to be solved. We introduced a novel group IV side-emitting laser at a wavelength of 1550 nm based on a 3-layer Ge/Si quantum well (QW). By designing this scheme, we showed that the structural, electronic, and optical properties are excited for lasing at 1550 nm. The preliminary results show that the device can produce a good light spot shape convenient for direct coupling with the waveguide and single-mode light emission. The laser luminous power can reach up to 2.32 mW at a wavelength of 1550 nm with a 300-mA current. Moreover, at room temperature (300 K), the laser can maintain maximum light power and an ideal wavelength (1550 nm). Thus, this study provides a novel approach to reliable, efficient electrically pumped silicon-based lasers.



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