Pore-scale 2D modeling of sensible thermal heat storage in a packed bed



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Hu, P., Wang, S., Wang, J., Jiang, S., Zhang, T. & Ma, Z. (2019). Pore-scale 2D modeling of sensible thermal heat storage in a packed bed. Refrigeration Science and Technology, 2019-August 4446-4454.


© 2019 International Institute of Refrigeration. All rights reserved. The flow and heat transfer characteristics of packed beds, integral in heat recovery technologies, are particularly dependent on corresponding pore structures. However, the meso-structure is always neglected to simplify the issues in related studies. Therefore, this paper presents a novel 2D pore-scale CFD simulation method to investigate the influence of design and operating parameters on the performance of the thermal energy storage system. The proposed method is performed based on structurally typical sections picked up from 3D realistic packed bed models in virtue of two-point correlation. Validation of the computation results with the experimental data has shown a good agreement. Additionally, cases were run to systematically analyze the combined effect including, particle size and compaction degree. Accordingly, when the reciprocal of the vessel-to-particle-diameter ratio, 1/N, is decreased 0.035, the mean steady temperature of the system increases by approximately 1.2% and the pressure drop increases by approximately 35%.

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