The Application of IoT Technology to a Manufacturing Process: Case Study



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Hijazin, K. & Zhang, T. (2019). The Application of IoT Technology to a Manufacturing Process: Case Study. Proceedings of 2019 International Conference on Quality, Reliability, Risk, Maintenance, and Safety Engineering, QR2MSE 2019 (pp. 203-210).


© 2019 IEEE. The internet of things (IoT) has become an important technology in our life. It is considered as an enhancing feature which could improve the quality of communications if it is applied in the right way. However, if the IoT is not well designed or designed with complicated models, it will result in not easy application so that technicians and engineers will avoid using it. In this paper, a model of IoT utilized in manufacturing industry is illustrated to show the importance of its application. It shows how the IoT is applied in its simplest form through developing a production system in a food factory. One manufacturing line is studied, which is a teacake manufacturing line in a factory in Jordan. After analyzing the production data of the production system and considering the minimum resources required for the production, a model is introduced with programming to show how a proper design of the IoT can help reduce the cost of the production with appropriate human resource planning and reduced cycle time in producing each batch of the Sambo teacakes. Finally, this paper indicates that IoT is a critical technology in manufacturing, which could help the industry to make the entire strategy in order to build and maintain a sustainable and competitive position in the market.

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