Solidification of PCM with nano powders inside a heat exchanger



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Hajizadeh, M., Selimefendigil, F., Muhammad, T., Ramzan, M., Babazadeh, H. & Li, Z. (2020). Solidification of PCM with nano powders inside a heat exchanger. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 306


© 2020 Elsevier B.V. Present research was devoted to modeling investigation of paraffin solidification within a wavy channel. Paraffin was mixed with CuO nano powders and creates NEPCM. Changing the surface of duct and working PCM is the main factors of this paper for improving the performance. The outer duct contains NEPCM and air within inner side can be warmer due to discharging process. The outputs indicate that wavy duct has better performance than the straight one due to its shorter solidification duration. Utilizing wavy duct and NEPCM can help the solidification and enhance the rate of process about 38%. Inclusion of nanomaterial leads to lower discharging time.

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