Blockchain-Based Anonymous Authentication with Selective Revocation for Smart Industrial Applications



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Yu, Y., Zhao, Y., Li, Y., Du, X., Wang, L. & Guizani, M. (2020). Blockchain-Based Anonymous Authentication with Selective Revocation for Smart Industrial Applications. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 16 (5), 3290-3300.


© 2005-2012 IEEE. Personal privacy disclosure is one of the most serious challenges in smart industrial applications. Anonymous authentication is an effective solution to protect personal privacy. However, the existing anonymous credential protocols are not perfectly suitablefor smart industrial environments such as smart vehicles in the sense that the credential revocation issue is not well-solved. In this article, we propose a Blockchain-based Anonymous authentication with Selective revocation for Smart industrial applications (BASS) for smart industrial applications supporting attribute privacy, selective revocation, credential soundness, and multishowing-unlinkability. Specifically, an efficient selective revocation mechanism is proposed based on dynamic accumulators and the signature algorithm due to Pointcheval and Sanders as the overlay of the BASS. According to the diverse demands of credential authorities, BASS can selectively provide revocation of credentials or revocation of users. We extend BASS from single-attribute privacy to multiattribute privacy as well. Finally, we implement a prototype to evaluate the cryptographic core primitives of BASS by deploying smart contracts in Ethereum to demonstrate the validity of BASS in smart industrial applications.

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