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Liu, G., Li, H., Qiu, Z. & Li, Z. (2020). A comprehensive numerical analysis of cross-flow vortex-induced vibrations for top tension risers under different flows. Physics of Fluids, 32 (2), 027102-1-027102-21.


In this paper, the cross-flow vortex-induced vibration (VIV) response of a top tension riser under different flow fields are comprehensively studied using a numerical simulation model based on time domain analysis. A semi-empirical time-domain analysis model that considers the fluid-structure interaction problem in the riser vibration process is proposed and verified by comparison with the previous experimental results. The influence of the flow velocity, the spanwise length of the flow field, and other factors on the VIV amplitude and frequency characteristics of the riser is analyzed in detail. The results show that the VIV response of the riser exhibits obvious multi-modal characteristics, which are accompanied by modal transition, lock-in vibration, synchronous vibration, etc., and the region where the lock-in or synchronous vibration occurs is exactly the region where the crest of the amplitude curve locates. Besides, the VIV intensity of the riser in the stepped flow and uniform flow fields show a tendency of fluctuating increase with the increase of the flow velocity and spanwise length of the flow field, while the VIV intensity of the riser in shear flow is positively correlated with the flow velocity and spanwise length of the flow field. The present study may provide a reference for the prediction of VIV of marine riser in the complex current environment.



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