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Inan, D., Win, K. & Juita, R. (2019). MHealth medical record to contribute to noncommunicable diseases in Indonesia. Procedia Computer Science, 161 1283-1291. Surabaya, Indonesia 5th Information Systems International Conference 2019


2019 The Authors. NonCommunicable Diseases (NCDs) have been the public concern worldwide, both in developed and developing countries. The issues are not only about the number of mortality but also the economic implications caused by the diseases. This paper aims to exploit the mobile technology potential by developing an mHealth medical record to assist the prevention and controlling of diseases in Indonesia, particularly in the West Papua Province. Design Science Research (DSR) methodology in Information System (IS) is employed to guide these research activities. This solution enables the medical data to be deposited by a person directly and personally utilising the developed mHealth application installed in the smart phone. By the time that person needs a further health examination for the NCD symptoms, the deposited data allows a General Practitioner (GP) making decision relatively easier at the first place. Some issues have been identified: data integrity and reliability as well as the manual assessment by the GP. Therefore, further evaluations are sought.



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