A Blind Signature from Module Latices



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Le, H., Susilo, W., Khuc, T. Xuan., Bui, M. Kim. & Duong, D. Hoang. (2019). A Blind Signature from Module Latices. 2019 IEEE Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing, DSC 2019 - Proceedings United States: IEEE.


2019 IEEE. Since its birth by Chaum, blind signatures have become one of the fundamental components in the so-called e-cash or e-voting. The scheme ensures a message to be blinded before being signed. Among all lattice-based signatures submitted to NIST post-quantum cryptographic standardization, Dilithium is a very promising candidate. The scheme has some advantages such as simple to implement securely, conservative with parameters and minimal in total size of public key and signature. In this paper, we propose a blind signature scheme based on the framework of Dilithium in order to take advantages of Dilithium. The proposed scheme is blind and one-more unforgeable secure in the random oracle model under the hardness of the module Learning with Errors problem MLWE and the module short integer solution problem MSIS.

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