Use of helixes in reinforced concrete beams



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Hadi, M. & Schmidt, L. (2018). Use of helixes in reinforced concrete beams. ACI Structural Journal, 115 (5), 191-198.


Copyright 2002, American Concrete Institute. All rights reserved This paper considers the strength gain and ductility of high-strength reinforced concrete beams incorporating an increase in tensile reinforcement. The effect on ductility through the application of helical reinforcement located in the compressive region of the beam is also investigated. Beams of span 4 m were subjected to flexural loading, with emphasis placed on the midspan deflection. The results indicated that helical reinforcement is an effective way of increasing ductility in high-strength reinforced concrete beams. If the correct pitch is utilized for effective confinement, helical reinforcement will provide an economical solution for enhancing the strength of flexural members.

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