Improved performance of railroad ballast using geogrids



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Liu, C., Ngo, N. & Indraratna, B. (2019). Improved performance of railroad ballast using geogrids. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, 29 151-163.


Geogrids are commonly used to stabilise and reinforce ballast, and over the various laboratory tests have been carried out to determine how geogrids affect the interface between geogrid and ballast aggregates. This paper presents a critical review and interpretation of the results of large-scale direct shear tests and cyclic tests on key parameters such as the interlocking effects of aperture size and the location of geogrids. Field investigations from sites at Bulli and Singleton as well as findings from Discrete Element Modelling, including the influence zone of geogrid and the linear relationship between geometric anisotropy and stress ratio, are examined and discussed. It also includes a presentation and discussion of analytical modelling for quantifying the geogrid reinforcing effect (pullout tests).

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