Novel Bow-Tie Chip-less RFID Tag for Wearable Applications



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M. Khan, R. Raad, J. Foroughi, F. EM M. Tubbal & J. Xi, "Novel Bow-Tie Chip-less RFID Tag for Wearable Applications," in 19th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies (ISCIT), 2019, pp. 10-13.


In this paper, a novel Flexible Chip-less Bow-Tie RFID tag is introduced, and its design, fabrication, testing and comparative analyses are presented. The tag uses the Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) approach with a frequency ranging from 4 to 18 GHz. The Bow-Tie design was compared an Octagonal shaped tag already published in the art. They were both designed using CST studio and fabricated through a laser etching technique on low-cost flexible Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). Through a series of comparative experiments for Radar Cross Section (RCS), results in an anechoic chamber were obtained. The new Bow-Tie RFID tag is shown to be more robust and accurate with the variation of distance up to 1.8m at 0dBm and it can be used to encode a bit sequence.

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