Healthcare data warehouse system supporting cross-border interoperability



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Gavrilov, G., Vlahu-Gjorgievska, E. & Trajkovik, V. (2019). Healthcare data warehouse system supporting cross-border interoperability. Health Informatics Journal, Online First 1-12.


The free movement of European citizens across member states of the European Union adds an important level of complexity to strategic efforts of health interoperability. The use of electronic health data has been marked as an important strategic activity and policy to improve healthcare in European countries. Cross-border healthcare depends on the ability to set up shared practices with respect to patient data exchange across the countries. Data flow must comply with demanding security, legal and interoperability requirements, as defined by the European Patients Smart Open Services project specifications. The aim of this article is to propose a novel design of healthcare data warehouse based on the restructured Extract–Transform–Load process. We describe a portal framework that offers a comprehensive set of interoperability services to enable national e-Health platforms to set up cross-border health information networks compliant with European Patients Smart Open Services. The presented approach incorporates the technical and organizational interoperability by interconnecting Health Level Seven standard and Open National Contact Points framework in order to provide a modular, scalable and inter-operating architecture.

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