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Al Ismaili, S. Zahir., Li, M., Shen, J., Huang, P., He, Q. & Zhan, W. (2020). Organisational-Level Assessment of Cloud Computing Adoption: Evidence from the Australian SMEs. Journal of Global Information Management, 28 (2), 73-89.


Cloud Computing (CC) is an emerging technology that can potentially revolutionise the application and delivery of IT. There has been little research, however, into the adoption of CC in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). The indicators show that CC has been adopted very slowly. There is also a significant research gap in the investigation of the adoption of this innovation in SMEs. This article explores how the adoption of CC in Australia is related to technological factors, risk factors, and environmental factors. The study provides useful insights that can be utilised practically by SMEs, policymakers, and cloud vendors.



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