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Almotairy, S. M., Fadavi Boostani, A., Hassani, M., Wei, D. & Jiang, Z. Y. (2019). Effect of hot isostatic pressing on the mechanical properties of aluminium metal matrix nanocomposites produced by dual speed ball milling. Journal of Materials Research and Technology,


2019 The Authors. In this study a suggested model for flake powder metallurgy were implemented and its mechanism was explained. The suggested model includes dual-speed ball milling (DSBM) to take the advantage of the low-speed and high-speed ball milling (LSBM and HSBM). The modelled process was utilised to uniformly disperse SiC nanoparticles into aluminium metal matrix to produce nanocomposites. The produced mixed powder was hot isostatically pressed. The effects of processing parameters such as stearic acid content, SiC volume content, ball milling speed and time on the microstructure and consequently tensile properties of the manufactured composites have been investigated experimentally to optimise the processing parameters bringing about the enhanced tensile properties of the fabricated composites. The results showed that the implementation of LSBM and HSBM processes can be considered as a unique strategy, i.e. the dual-speed ball milling (DSBM), for uniform dispersion of SiC nanoparticles associated with perfect bonding.



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