Flexible free-standing sulfurized polyacrylonitrile electrode for stable Li/Na storage



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Huang, X., Liu, J., Huang, Z., Ke, X., Liu, L., Wang, N., Liu, J., Guo, Z., Yang, Y. & Shi, Z. (2020). Flexible free-standing sulfurized polyacrylonitrile electrode for stable Li/Na storage. Electrochimica Acta, 333


2019 Elsevier Ltd Flexible lithium sulfur batteries are promising power sources for the next generation wearable electronics, due to their high energy density and low cost. Here, we demonstrate a metal current collector-free, binder-free, flexible sulfurized polyacrylonitrile film electrode with hollow tubular nanofibers (H-SPAN), which is fabricated via coaxial electrospinning and a simple heat treatment. The all-fibrous films H-SPAN not only provides three-dimensional continuous electron and ion transport paths, but also suppresses the shuttle effect, contributing to better redox kinetics, cycling performance, and flexibility. The H-SPAN film electrode delivers a high specific lithium storage capacity of 1250 mAh g−1sulfur or 514.75 mAh g−1electrode at 0.1C with stable cycling over 300 cycles. Additionally, when H-SPAN is applied as a cathode for room temperature Na-S batteries, it also exhibits superb capacity and cycling stability (717 mAh g−1sulfur or 295.2 mAh g−1electrode at 0.1C after 200 cycles). The working mechanism of H-SPAN is well elucidated by ex situ Raman spectroscopy and ex situ X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS). The excellent flexibility of the H-SPAN film electrode lends itself well to potential applications in wearable electronic devices.

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