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Hu, G., Liao, M. & Li, W. (2017). Analysis of a compact annular-radial-orifice flow magnetorheological valve and evaluation of its performance. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 28 (10), 1322-1333.


This article outlines a compact annular-radial-orifice flow magnetorheological valve through theoretical calculation, simulation analysis and experiment verification. The fluid flow paths of this proposed magnetorheological valve consist of a single annular flow channel, a single radial flow channel and an orifice flow channel through structural design. The finite element modelling and analysis of the magnetorheological valve was carried out using ANSYS/Emag software, including achieving optimal magnetic field distribution and yield stress in the annular flow path and radial flow path, respectively. Moreover, this proposed magnetorheological valve was prototyped and evaluated experimentally, showing that the magnetorheological valve has significantly improved its efficiency, especially the pressure drop at the 1.0 mm width of annular resistance gap and 0.5 mm width of radial resistance gap.

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