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Hao, L., Liu, L., Meng, X., Yu, G., Li, E. & Gu, H. (2019). Evaluation of different b-values in DWI and 1H MRS for pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis: a rabbit model. Bioscience Reports: molecular and cellular biology of the cell surface, 39 (11), 1-14.


Pancreatic cancer is a common malignant tumor with high incidence of metastasis. Currently, there is no absolute standard for the choice of b-value for diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) for pancreatic cancer. The b-value is rarely reported in animal model study, especially in pancreatic cancer/mass pancreatitis rabbit models. The authors' aim was to determine the different b-values to differentiate the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and mass pancreatitis in rabbit models using DWI. When comparing the effect of different b-values in diagnostic process, the pathological results could be regarded as the gold standard. In this research, 30 healthy New Zealand rabbits were selected and divided into three groups by random number table method: group 1 (pancreatic cancer), group 2 (mass pancreatitis) and the control group (healthy). After DWI (three different b-values 333, 667, 1000 s/mm2, respectively) and MRI examination, the model rabbits were then killed. Afterward, the tumor mass was removed for biopsy, and occupation anatomy and tumor histopathology were examined. Fat-suppressing sequences of T2WI, DWI, ADC, difference of ADC (DADC), and MRS were used. The present study determined that the effective differential diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis was determined at low b-values (333 s/mm2) when performed DWI inspection in rabbit models.



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