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W. Li, H. Du, D. Ning & W. Li, "Robust Adaptive Sliding Mode PI Control for Active Vehicle Seat Suspension Systems," in Proceedings of the 31st Chinese Control and Decision Conference, CCDC 2019, 2019, pp. 5403-5408.


In this paper, a robust adaptive sliding mode proportional integral control (RASMPIC) method is proposed for an active vehicle seat suspension system, where the driver's mass is supposed as an unknown parameter with boundaries. A dynamic active seat suspension system is established at first. Then a sliding mode controller (SMC) is designed to achieve the required ride comfort performance based on the driver's mass estimated by utilizing an adaptive law where a projecting adaptive algorithm is used to prevent the estimated parameters from surpassing their boundaries to enhance the robustness of the seat suspension system. Also, a proportional and integral (PI) control for driver's acceleration is added into the controller as RASMPIC for the stabilization of the proposed suspension system. In simulations, sinusoidal vibrations are used to test the controllers and the results show the RASMPIC has a better control performance to reduce driver's acceleration and improve the driving comfort than SMC and RASMC.

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