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Almotairy, S. M., Fadavi Boostani, A., Hassani, M., Wei, D. & Jiang, Z. Y. (2019). Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Metal Matrix Nanocomposites Manufactured by Assisted-Flake Powder Thixoforming Process. Metals and Materials International, Online First 1-9.


This study discusses the superior effect of thixoforming process on enhancing the tensile properties of aluminium matrix composite produced using flake metallurgy route. The flake metallurgy process was utilised to manufacture aluminium matrix composites followed by thixoforming process. Microstructural investigations carried out using transmission electron microscope have shown the synergic effect of thixoforming process on rendering uniform distribution of SiC nanoparticles associated with lower porosity content. X-ray diffraction characterisations have revealed the promising effect of uniform dispersion of SiC nanoparticles on restricting the grain growth of aluminium matrix within nanoscale regime (90 nm) even at high semi-solid thixoforming temperatures (575 °C). The achieved results of tensile tests have shown a profound effect of flake metallurgy of aluminium powder through dual speed ball milling. These results are higher than those achieved by low speed and high speed even with higher SiC content. This was attributed to the uniform confinement of SiC nanoparticles within the samples produced using flake-assisted forming process compared to the ones manufactured using ball milling-assisted processes.

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