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J. Li, L. Tran & F. Safaei, "Full-duplex OFDM relaying systems with energy harvesting in multipath fading channels," in 2019 IEEE 90th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2019-Fall), 2019, pp. 1-5.


In this paper, the performance of in-band fullduplex OFDM relaying systems with energy-harvesting and selfinterference cancellation in the polarization domain is analyzed. Specifically, we use the time switching-based relaying protocol to implement energy harvesting. The harvested energy is used by the relay to forward the transmitted information from the source. To cancel the self-interference, the polarization-enabled digital self-interference cancellation scheme is deployed at the relay. Our simulation results show that the full-duplex OFDM energy harvesting relaying system almost doubles the throughput, while maintaining the same bit error performance by a modest increase in the signal-to-noise ratio compared to the half-duplex OFDM energy harvesting relaying system. It is also revealed that the optimal time splitting factor should be less than 0.3 to maximize the full-duplex system throughput.