A Novel Cooperative Platform Design for Coupled USV-UAV Systems



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Shao, G., Ma, Y., Malekian, R., Yan, X. & Li, Z. (2019). A Novel Cooperative Platform Design for Coupled USV-UAV Systems. IEEE Transactions On Industrial Informatics, 15 (9), 4913-4922.


This paper presents a novel cooperative unmanned surface vehicle-unmanned aerial vehicle (USV-UAV) platform to form a powerful combination, which offers foundations for collaborative task executed by the coupled USV-UAV systems. Adjustable buoys and unique carrier deck for the USV are designed to guarantee landing safety and transportation of UAV. The deck of USV is equipped with a series of sensors, and a multiultrasonic joint dynamic positioning algorithm is introduced for resolving the positioning problem of the coupled USV-UAV systems. To fulfill effective guidance for the landing operation of UAV, we design a hierarchical landing guide point generation algorithm to obtain a sequence of guide points. By employing the above sequential guide points, high-quality paths are planned for the UAV. Cooperative dynamic positioning process of the USV-UAV systems is elucidated, and then UAV can achieve landing on the deck of USV steadily. Our cooperative USV-UAV platform is validated by simulation and water experiments.

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