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Chen, L., Bai, Y., Jiang, Z., Chen, H., Wu, C. & Wang, Q. (2019). Numerical and experimental studies on wrinkling control methods of sheet metal part with high curvature and large flange in rubber forming. Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 11 (10), 1-8.


Wrinkling is one of the main failure modes in sheet metal forming process and may lead to assembly problems of the parts. Control of wrinkling is difficult due to the complex deformation behavior of the sheet metal. A finite element model for side blankholder method to control wrinkling was established and used for the simulation. Trials and simulations were conducted to analyze the parameters of wrinkling characteristics. Results show that with the increase in the angle of the side blankholder, the resistance force of the side blankholder decreases. The blank length on the side blankholder should be small enough. The fillet radius of the side blankholder should be large enough to reduce the deformation. The bottom gap between the die and the side blankholder cannot be too large because the support of the blank will decrease in the forming process. In order to verify the simulation results, three blank lengths (20, 15, and 5 mm) over the side blankholder were used in the experiment. The results of the comparison tests testify the reliability of the simulation. The optimal parameter of the blank length is 5 mm. A new clamp method was designed for wrinkling control to overcome the shortcomings of the side blankholder method. The precision of the part met the requirement using soft rubber and two layers of rubber plates.



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