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Qu, F., Xu, J. & Jiang, Z. (2019). Finite element analysis of forward slip in micro flexible rolling of thin aluminium strips. Metals, 9 (10), 1062-1-1062-20.


This study delineates a novel finite element model to consider a pattern of process parameters affecting the forward slip in micro flexible rolling, which focuses on the thickness transition area of the rolled strip with thickness in the micrometre range. According to the strip marking method, the forward slip is obtained by comparison between the distance of the bumped ridges on the roll and that of the markings indented by the ridges, which not only simplifies the calculation process, but also maintains the accuracy as compared with theoretical estimates. The simulation results identify the qualitative and quantitative variations of forward slip with regard to the variations in the reduction, rolling speed, estimated friction coefficient and the ratio of strip thickness to grain size, respectively, which also locate the cases wherein the relative sliding happens between the strip and the roll. The developed grain-based finite element model featuring 3D Voronoi tessellations allows for the investigation of the scatter effect of forward slip, which gets strengthened by the enhanced effect of every single grain attributed to the dispersion of fewer grains in a thinner strip with respect to constant grain size. The multilinear regression analysis is performed to establish a statistical model based upon the simulation results, which has been proven to be accurate in quantitatively describing the relationship between the forward slip and the aforementioned process parameters by considering both correlation and error analyses. The magnitudes of each process parameter affecting forward slip are also determined by variance analysis.

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