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Saleh, Z., Sheikh, M., Remennikov, A. & Basu, A. (2019). Numerical analysis of behavior of glass fiber-reinforced polymer bar-reinforced concrete beams under impact loads. ACI Structural Journal, 116 (5), 151-160.


This paper numerically investigates the behavior of glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) bar-reinforced concrete beams (GFRP-RC beams) under low-velocity impact loads. A finite element model has been developed and calibrated against the experimental investigation results of six GFRP-RC beams. The results of the numerical analysis have been found in very good agreement with the experimental investigation results. The finite element model captured the failure modes, crack profiles, midspan deflection, impact and reaction forces, and dynamic strain of the GFRP-RC beams. Moreover, a parametric study has been carried out to investigate the influence of the reinforcement ratio, compressive strength of concrete, drop mass, drop velocity, and impact energy on the response of GFRP-RC beams under low-velocity impact loads. It was found that the drop mass and velocity significantly influenced the damage profiles of the beams, and the reinforcement ratio significantly influenced the midspan deflection and reactions at the support.



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