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L. Geng, F. Yao, W. Wang, J. Xi & Y. Li, "Error compensation method of large size steel sheet measurement based on control field," Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 1213, (4) pp. 042025-1-042025-8, 2019.


Aiming at the problem of low accuracy of large size sheet edge, a method of sheet size error measurement based on control field is proposed. Firstly, an error compensation model of the measuring system based on control field is established by analyzing the causes of the errors of the measuring system. A grid standard plate is designed and the error distribution on the grid line is obtained by using the measurement results of the standard plate. Secondly, the error curve is established according to the distribution, and the trig function theorem is used to project the curve into the image pixel coordinate system. Finally, the control field of the whole measurement area is reconstructed by linear interpolation, and the measurement results are compensated and corrected. The steel sheet is measured in the measuring area of 1.2m x 2.6m on the basis of these theories and technologies. The experiment shows that the precision of the measuring system can reach 1mm per meter, which satisfies the accuracy and speed requirements of large-size steel sheet measurement in industry, and has high application value.



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