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Biswas, R., Mondal, M., Shanchia, K., Ahmed, R., Samad, S. Abdus. & Ahmmed, S. F. (2019). Explicit finite difference analysis of an unsteady magnetohydrodynamics heat and mass transfer micropolar fluid flow in the presence of radiation and chemical reaction through a vertical porous plate. Journal of Nanofluids, 8 (7), 1583-1591.


The investigation of this paper is undertaken to study of the problem of chemical reaction on MHD unsteady heat and mass transfer effects of micropolar fluid flow through a vertical plate. Different effects such as thermal diffusion, Soret and Dufour effects in the presence of radiation and chemical reaction are permitted in this observation. Firstly, the governing partial differential equations (PDEs) are transformed into a system of dimensionless coupled partial differential equations by the procedure of mathematical transformation. Then the obtained dimensionless equations are solved by explicit finite difference method (EFDM). Further, the momentum, temperature and concentration distributions are permitted by the variations of various parameters with the help of computer programming language FORTRAN. By using initial boundary conditions U = 0, V = 0, Γ = 0, T = 1, C = 1 and for Δτ = 0.0005, ΔX = 0.83 and ΔY = 0.50, the convergence criteria are exhibited Pr ≥ 0.205 and Sc ≥ 0.045. In addition, the streamlines and isotherms are evaluated for different interesting parameters. Finally, after stability convergence test (SCT) the profiles of velocity, angular velocity, temperature and concentration are analysed and scrutinized graphically by using graphs software tacplot-9.



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