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Chen, Y., Zhang, H., Zhu, Z., Ren, T., Cao, C., Zhu, F. & Li, Y. (2019). A new shock-wave test apparatus for liquid CO2 blasting and measurement analysis. Measurement and Control (United Kingdom), 52 (5-6), 399-408.


Liquid CO 2 blasting of coal or rock body technology is widely used for improving permeability, pressure relief, cutting proof, and roadway development. Due to the lack of proper apparatus for blasting measurement, the determination of blasting parameters is often not under scientific basis. A newly designed experimental apparatus is developed to monitor shock-wave pressure of liquid CO 2 blasting. The apparatus mainly consists of testing tube and base bracket. The testing tube is fixed on the base bracket by fixed ring. The base bracket is fixed to the ground by expansion bolts to ensure the stability of the apparatus and personnel safety during blasting. Three testing tubes with inner diameter of 48, 68, and 82 mm are designed and manufactured to simulate different sizes of boreholes. Monitoring holes are drilled on the testing tube to monitor blasting shock-wave pressure in real time. The maximum pressure of the shock-wave and its acting duration can be obtained. Experimental results also revealed that the normal direction of the gas outlet is the effective shock-wave acting area where the maximum pressure reaches more than 160 MPa. The shock-wave pressure is in non-linear relationship with the distance from gas outlet. By comparison of the blasting tube sealed to unsealed condition, it is found that sealing can be effected by increment in shock-wave pressure of about 43.3%. The research results provide a basis and reference work for determination and optimization of liquid CO 2 blasting parameters.



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