High Gain Miniaturized MPA with MSS for FemtoSat Communications



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M. El Bakkali, F. Tubbal, G. Singh. Gaba, L. Kansal & N. EI Amrani. EI Idrissi, "High Gain Miniaturized MPA with MSS for FemtoSat Communications," in Advanced Informatics for Computing Research: 3rd International Conference, ICAICR 2019, 2019, pp. 357-369.


A metasurface superstrate structure (MSS) is highly useful for improving the performance of planar antennas and reducing their size due to their unique electromagnetic properties. In this research article, a very small microstrip patch antenna (MPA) with MSS is proposed and analyzed using ANSYS HFSS to operate at 8.20 GHz for ultra small satellites; i.e., FemtoSats. The antenna is composed of an MPA, and an MSS matrix of 41 unit cells placed periodically in the horizontal direction and atop the first one. The results indicate that the proposed antenna achieves high RL and high gain at our required frequency as compared to the MPA alone. The overall performances make our antenna very appropriate for FemtoSat communications.

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http://dx.doi.org/l 0.1007/978-981-15-0111-1 _32