Performance enhancement of a multi-effect desalination plant: A thermodynamic investigation



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Tlili, I., Osman, M., Alarifi, I., Belmabrouk, H., Shafee, A. & Li, Z. (2019). Performance enhancement of a multi-effect desalination plant: A thermodynamic investigation. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 535 122535-1-122535-16.


In current work the multi-effect desalination (MED) plant scheme and operation have been studied based on thermodynamic optimization using mathematical calculation and modeling for the main equations related to mass, energy and salinity balance taking in account the synchronized consequence of several constraints on the system execution. The effects of irreversibilities and energy losses are integrated in the study which in turn the results obtained are very close to the real results more than previous studies. The results obtained show that the system performance is meaningfully influenced by heat source flux, stage number, heat exchangers efficiency and feed water temperature and flow rate Then the effects of involved parameters are performed and discussed. Moreover, various 3D results have been displayed involving the effect of more than two parameters in system performance. Therefore, the outputs of this work assist manufacturer for the optimization and design of MED plant. The authenticity and perfection of the numerical solution technique are proved and verified within real results.

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