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Kamali, H., Xie, H., Jia, F., Wu, H., Zhao, H., Zhang, H., Li, N. & Jiang, Z. (2019). Effects of nano-particle lubrication on micro deep drawing of Mg-Li alloy.International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 104 (9-12), 4409-4419.


Effects of various lubrication conditions on macroscale deep drawing have been investigated extensively while in microscale due to the open and closed lubrication pocket theory and friction coefficient escalation, proper lubricant concern becomes severe. Microforming is used to produce lighter and more energy-effective products accordingly; in this study, magnesium-lithium (Mg-Li) alloy is chosen to form a superior micro-cup due to its ultralight weight with outstanding ductility. Mg-Li is a new material in microscale; consequently, to study the mechanical properties, a heat treatment process is performed. The dry and oil lubrication conditions are chosen as benchmarks to investigate effects of TiO2 oil-based nano-additive lubricant. Finite element (FE) modelling has been conducted and the simulated results are agreed well with the experimental results where the drawing force is significantly affected by the nano-particle. The formed cup quality regarding the surface roughness has been evaluated extensively by consideration of various parameters and the quality improvement is substantial.

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