An effective compressive computational ghost imaging with hybrid speckle pattern



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X. Wang, Y. Tao, F. Yang & Y. Zhang, "An effective compressive computational ghost imaging with hybrid speckle pattern," Optics Communications, vol. 454, pp. 124470-1-124470-1, 2020.


As an important factor to determine the quality of imaging, the sizes of the speckle pixel have gained increasing attention in ghost imaging. This paper proposes a new compressive computational ghost imaging which using hybrid speckle pattern to retrieve the target area. The hybrid speckle pattern is composed of different sizes of speckle pixel which depends on the resolution of target area. This method consists of two parts, the first part is the determination of interesting region and the second part is the imaging. The ghost images with hybrid speckle pattern are reconstructed by using CCGI. Simulation and experiment results have demonstrated the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed method. The results indicate that the structural similarity index measure and signal-to-noise ratio are increased remarkably compared with single speckle pattern.

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