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S. Iranmanesh & R. Raad, "A novel data forwarding strategy for a drone delay tolerant network with range extension," Electronics, vol. 8, (6) pp. 659-1-659-14, 2019.


Amazon, Uber Eats, and United Parcel Service (UPS) are planning to launch drone delivery services in the near future. Indeed, recently, Google has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for its Wings delivery platform. Amazon claims that a drone logistics network is more cost-efficient and quicker than a motor vehicle delivery network. In this paper, we propose a data delivery service by the drone network in addition to parcel delivery. We propose Heuristic Flight Path Planning (HFPP) that plans a drone's flight path based on parcel delivery destination as well as data delivery destinations (waypoints). We further extend the solution to include drone charging stations for range extension. Our simulation studies show that our proposed method has delivered the data and consignments such that HFPP delivers up to 33% more data packets compared with Encounter-Based Routing (EBR), Epidemic, and a similar path planning method. Also, HFPP reduces the data delivery delays by up to 72% while the overhead ratio is low.



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