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Madden, L., Archer, J., Li, E., Jelen, U., Dong, B., Roberts, N., Holloway, L. & Rosenfeld, A. (2019). First measurements with a plastic scintillation dosimeter at the Australian MRI-LINAC. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 64 (17), 175015-1-175015-8.


MRI-LINACs combine MRI and LINAC technologies with the potential for image guided radiation therapy with optimal soft-tissue contrast. In this work, we present the advantages and limitations of plastic scintillation dosimeters (PSDs) for relative dosimetry with MRI-LINACs. PSDs possess many desirable qualities, including magnetic field insensitivity and irradiation angle independence, which are expected to make them suitable for dosimetry with MRI-LINACs. An in-house PSD was used to measure field size output factors as well as a percent depth dose distribution and the beam quality index TPR20/10 at a [Formula: see text] cm2 field size. Measurements were repeated with a Scanditronix/Wellhofer FC65-G ionisation chamber and PTW 60019 microDiamond detector for comparison. Relative differences were calculated between the three detectors, where the mean difference in dose was 1.2% between the PSD and ionisation chamber, 1.9% between the PSD and microDiamond detector and 1.3% between the microDiamond detector and the ionisation chamber. The closeness between the three mean differences in doses suggests that PSDs are feasible for relative dosimetry with MRI-LINACs.



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