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Konadu, D. S., Pistorius, P. G. H., Du Toit, M. & Griesche, A. (2019). Solidification cracking susceptibility of ferritic stainless steels using Modified Varestraint Transvarestraint (MVT) method. Sadhana: academy proceedings in engineering sciences, 44 (9), 194-1-194-6.


The Modified Varestraint Transvarestraint (MVT) test was used to investigate the solidification cracking susceptibility of an unstabilised, a Nb-stabilised and two (Ti + Nb) dual-stabilised ferritic stainless steels. Two different welding speeds of 6 and 3 mm/s using autogenous gas tungsten arc welding were employed. At the welding speed of 6 mm/s, the high-content (Ti + Nb) steel was resistant and the Nb-stabilised steel was marginally susceptible to solidification cracking. At the welding speed of 3 mm/s, the Nb and the high (Ti + Nb) steels were found to be marginally susceptible to solidification cracking while the unstabilised and low-content (Ti + Nb) grades were resistant to solidification cracking. The weld metal microstructures transverse to the welding direction revealed columnar grains in all the samples for both welding speeds. The ferritic stainless steels were generally resistant to solidification cracking, except the Nb-stabilised steel, which was marginally susceptible to solidification cracking.



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