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Yan, T., Wu, B., He, B., Li, W. H. & Wang, R. (2016). A Novel Fuzzy Sliding-Mode Control for Discrete-Time Uncertain System. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2016 1530760-1-1530760-9.


This paper considers the sliding-mode control problem for discrete-time uncertain systems. It begins by presenting a discrete variable speed reaching law and a discrete-time sliding-mode controller (DSMC) designed using the proposed reaching law, followed by an analysis of their stability and dynamic performance. A sliding-mode controller with simple fuzzy logic is then proposed to further strengthen the dynamic performance of the proposed sliding-mode controller. Finally, the presented DSMC and the DSMC with fuzzy control for adjusting the parameters in this paper are compared with one of the previous proposed classic DSMC systems. The results of this simulation show that the DSMC presented here can suppress chatter and ensure good dynamic performances when fuzzy logic is used to tune the parameters.



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