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McLauchlan, C., David, J., Robinson, D., Elphick, S. & Knott, J. (2018). Wollongong University Laboratory Microgrid: A Design for Flexibility. Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference, AUPEC 2018 (pp. 1-6). United States: IEEE.


Microgrids are becoming increasingly important to electrical power distribution. They offer the possibility of increased reliability and lower power costs for both customers and network operators, however there are significant challenges that must be addressed before this potential can be realised. Laboratory experimentation where concepts can meet with real world complexities in a controlled environment is a crucial part of meeting these challenges. The design and implementation of a useful laboratory microgrid is a complex and expensive process and to be successful it must be done with care. This process was recently undertaken at the University of Wollongong, and the key features of the microgrid design are described within this paper along with proposed experiments to be undertaken in the near future.



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