Novel identity-based hash proof system with compact master public key from lattices in the standard model



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Lai, Q., Yang, B., Xia, Z., Li, Y. & Chen, Y. (2019). Novel identity-based hash proof system with compact master public key from lattices in the standard model. International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, 30 (4), 589-606.


2019 World Scientific Publishing Company. As the progress of quantum computers, it is desired to propose many more efficient cryptographic constructions with post-quantum security. In the literatures, almost all cryptographic schemes and protocols can be explained and constructed modularly from certain cryptographic primitives, among which an Identity-Based Hash Proof System (IB-HPS) is one of the most basic and important primitives. Therefore, we can utilize IB-HPSs with post-quantum security to present several types of post-quantum secure schemes and protocols. Up until now, all known IB-HPSs with post-quantum security are instantiated based on latticed-based assumptions. However, all these lattice-based IB-HPSs are either in the random oracle model or not efficient enough in the standard model. Hence, it should be of great significance to construct more efficient IB-HPSs from lattices in the standard model. In this paper, we propose a new smooth IB-HPS with anonymity based on the Learning with Errors (LWE) assumption in the standard model. This new construction is mainly inspired by a classical identity-based encryption scheme based on LWE due to Agreawal et al. in Eurocrypt 2010. And our innovation is to employ the algorithm SampleGaussian introduced by Gentry et al. and the property of random lattice to simulate the identity secret key with respect to the challenge identity. Compared with other existing IB-HPSs in the standard model, our master public key is quite compact. As a result, our construction has much lower overheads on computation and storage.

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